Reclaiming the Book for the People

Reclaiming the Book for the People

It used to be something that people treasured as a common possession, and then came the print era and academics. It can be argued that, since the Reformation, the alleged ‘democratisation’ of the Bible has taken it further from lay people rather than closer to them.

Start Date:
Saturday 19th July 2014
Start Time:
0141 332 6343
Padraig O Tuama, John Bell, Jo Love, Graham Maule

During this week, we explore ways in which people can engage with the Bible more as the family album and less as the puzzle book for professionals, discovering how to share it (even the awful bits), sing it, experience it and pray it in all its magnificent variety. Poet, theologian, pedagogue and activist, Padraig O Tuama will lead this week along with the WGRG, who are John Bell, Jo Love and Graham Maule.

Applications will be dealt with initially by the Wild Goose Resource Group in Glasgow. Places will be allocated to allow as diverse a group as possible to develop skills for use in local congregations, not on a first-come-first-served basis. (The Abbey is now full, but places are available in the MacLeod Centre.)

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