Reclaiming evangelism: Positive liberal theologies of mission - Modern Church

Reclaiming evangelism: Positive liberal theologies of mission - Modern Church

This day will help us to think about both theoretical and practical aspects of what it is to do evangelism as liberals. We’ll consider what liberal theologies of evangelism might look like, and practically, how as liberals we go about evangelism.

Start Date:
Saturday 2nd February 2019
Start Time:
St Dunstan's Liverpool.
Martyn Percy, Emma Percy, Jonathan Draper, Bonnie Evans-Hills, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, Mark Waters
£13.52 – £22.15

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Speakers include:

Martyn Percy on building the Kingdom of God

Emma Percy on living fit for heaven

Jonathan Draper on the 5 Marks of Mission

Bonnie Evans-Hills on mission in a multi-faith context

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes on historical and biblical metaphors for mission

Mark Waters on mission in a post-modern context

PLUS new Bishop of Warrington Bev Mason will welcome us to the Diocese of Liverpool.

Some of the questions we’ve been asking are:

Why do evangelism if we don’t believe people will go to hell?

Does it matter whether people are Christian or not?

What about other faiths?

How do we evangelise in a culture that is inherently suspicious of truth claims?

Is Christianity a ‘toxic brand’?

What is the ‘good news’ for liberals?

What might evangelism look like in a Post-evangelical culture?

The day will open with registration 9.30-10am and the conference will take place from 10-4. A buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day will be provided.

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