Re-visioning Easter within the Earth Story

You are invited to join us from 5-8th April, 2012 at West Downs Campus for: Re-visioning Easter within the Earth Story. Fr Diarmuid O’Murchu who is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute and leading thinker in the area of quantum theology and spirituality and Prof Lisa Isherwood will be leading an Easter Reflection in the Cosmic Walk at the University. They aim to enable us to think again about the events of the Easter story in the light of the Earth Story and unfolding cosmology.

Start Date:
Thursday 5th April 2012
Start Time:
Institute for Theological Partnerships, University of Winchester
Fr Diarmuid O’Murchu and Prof Lisa Isherwood

The Cosmic Walk at the University is an integral part of the Institute for Theological Partnerships with issues of embodiment, ecology and cosmology being central to research interests and ethical concerns. It is a garden in which you wander through the cosmos!! That is to say the garden itself, the art work, the planting and the objects placed in it are meant to immerse you in the unfolding story of the cosmos which after all is the story that tells us all- we are particles of that story and to ask you to engage with what this may mean in our own unfolding spiritual journeys.

This will be explored through a series of lectures, reflective times, guided meditations, Easter liturgies and time to walk and talk together as we experience the gift of creation.

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