PCN Residential Weekend with Mark Townsend

Mark is a member of PCN Britain. He is a controversial clergyman and ‘soulful magician’. His book, the Gospel of Falling Down is brutally honest, letting people into the secret areas of his life, with all its faults and failings. The lessons are authentic, learnt by someone who knows how harsh life can be, and yet also how magical life can become.

Start Date:
Friday 11th May 2012
Start Time:
The Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire, DE55 1AU
Mark Townsend, author of the Gospel of Falling Down

Mark connects with people at a deep level. But not only does the message of clergy frailty come through, another truth hits home - that these very cracks and faults can potentially be the place where the most beautiful spiritual gold is discovered. It is not in “climbing the ladder of perfection” that we meet God, but in falling from it. And there’s illusion / magic along the way!

We hear a lot about the gospel of success, but most of us are more accustomed to failure, or at least not reaching our hopes. The book ‘The Gospel of Falling Down’ is a radical departure from much of what modern day Christianity (and gurus of all kinds) seems to offer. Rather than seeing Christianity as a group of people trying to change themselves into the “ideal”, it describes how such a practice is precisely what Jesus came to liberate us from. It brings a sense of freedom and hope to all those who feel unworthy or just “can’t make the grade”.

The following quotes refer to Mark’s book upon which the weekend will be based.

“Mark’s book is humble, searching, faith-filled, and yet risky and creative at the same time. He is vulnerable throughout, much of it showing the depth and fruitfulness of having suffered along the way.” [Richard Rohr OFM]

“This little book is tackling one of the biggest and deepest questions which, unexpectedly, brings us to the foundation of the Christian faith. Mark has discovered this through his own experience of falling down, or failure. [Bishop Stephen Verney]

“What I most like about Mark’s book is the zest, quirkiness and sheer fun with which he creates and keeps open for us the space of brokenness and vulnerability as the highroad to Gospel living. May Mark’s hints at falling become ever more contagious!” [James Alison]

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