Out Of Our Minds: What Can We Offer Towards A Healthier World?

Out Of Our Minds: What Can We Offer Towards A Healthier World?

The 28th Annual Conference of The Sea of Faith Network will seek to explore what we can offer towards a healthier world from the perspective of progressive religion and humanism.

Start Date:
Thursday 23rd July 2015
Start Time:
University of Leicester, Stamford Court Conference Centre, Manor Road, LE2 2LH
0121 242 3953
David Boulton, Andy Pakula
£200 residential, £110 non-resident, £60 one day. Reductions for low income and bursaries are available.

Many of us feel that the world is becoming a more frightening place with old and new conflicts igniting or re-igniting. Apparently happy and successful young people are leaving secure, loving homes to join them; an increasing concern for mental illness – bipolar disorder and depression; a growing suicide rate among middle aged men and the terrible revelations about the sexual exploitation of young people.

To help our search we have two exciting keynote speakers — David Boulton, founder of the Nontheist Friends Network, who has had a long association with the Sea of Faith Network and Andy Pakula who leads the New Unity Unitarian congregation in north London which has grown over the past decade to become one of the largest and most vital Unitarian congregations in the country.

As always we will be relying on our members and our guests to bring their own thoughts and experience to share.

David Boulton is an author, journalist and broadcaster. David has written for many publications including The Guardian, The Observer, New Internationalist, New Humanist, Sofia and several Quaker journals.

David’s books exploring the interface between humanism and progressive Christianity – The Trouble with God: Building the Republic of Heaven; Who on Earth was Jesus? The Modern Search for the Jesus of History and Godless for God’s Sake: Nontheism in Contemporary Quakerism – have won him an international readership. He was editor of our magazine for many years and was the author of A Reasonable Faith: An Introduction to the Sea of Faith Network.

Andy Pakula is an non-theistic Unitarian minister. He was born in New York where he grew up in a secular Jewish family. He has a doctorate in biology and a Master’s degree in business administration both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

On Boxing Day 2014 Andy appeared on the Today programme, guest edited by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, giving the Alternative Thought for the Day when the BBC refused to allow him as an atheist to give Thought for the Day at the regular time.

Andy has been published in The Guardian, Humanist Life, N16 Magazine, and The Islington Tribune. His weekly sermons are available online.

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