Modern Church Conference: Living in Faith, Hope, and Love

Modern Church Conference: Living in Faith, Hope, and Love

Our theme Living in Faith, Hope, and Love partially mirrors the title of the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) project of the Church of England. The Conference will provide constructive theological approaches to the chosen themes of LLF (‘identity, sexuality, relationships, marriage’), and make good some of its omissions (e.g., gender, history, ‘abusive theology’).

Start Date:
Monday 18th July 2022
Start Time:
High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Herts.
Tina Beardsley, Susannah Cornwall, Helen King, Jarel Robinson-Brown, Rachel Starr, Johanna Stiebert, Adrian Thatcher
Modern Church

The presenters are well known experts in their fields of study. There will be seven presentations over two days, and each presenter will also provide a follow-up seminar. While LLF is an Anglican project, the topics will be of interest well beyond the Church of England.

Chair: Prof. Adrian Thatcher

Chaplain: The Revd Jarel Robinson-Brown

Other speakers: Tina Beardsley, Susannah Cornwall, Helen King, Rachel Starr, Johanna Stiebert

The Revd Dr Christina (Tina) Beardsley SMMS, a visiting scholar, Sarum College, has co-authored three books about transgender Christians.

‘Far from the madding crowd: a theological critique of current intellectual objections to trans people’.

Susannah Cornwall, Associate Professor in Constructive Theologies at the University of Exeter, researches theologies of sex, gender, and sexuality.

‘Transformative Creatures: Living into Freedom as Sexed, Gendered and Sexual Persons’.

Helen King, Professor Emerita of Classical Studies at The Open University, is an authorised preacher in Oxford Diocese, and was part of the Shared Conversations and LLF processes.

‘Being flesh: bodies, history and LLF’

The Revd Jarel Robinson-Brown, Assistant Curate at St Botolph without Aldgate, is the author of ‘The Church and the Famine of Grace’.

‘The Church and the Famine of Grace’

Rachel Starr is Director of Studies at the Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham.

‘What good is marriage? Reimagining covenantal and sacramental models for today’.

Johanna Stiebert (she/her) is a German-New Zealander, agnostic, and Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Leeds.

‘Abusive Theology and LLF: Spaces of Silence’

Adrian Thatcher is Honorary Professor at the University of Exeter and Editor of Modern Believing.

‘A Theological Critique of (Sexual) Culture’

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