Meal and Presentations about Judas Iscariot

Meal and Presentations about Judas Iscariot

What did Judas believe about Jesus? Why did he betray him?
Join us for a two course meal where we will view some presentations and have time to discuss our thoughts with others in a non-threatening environment whilst enjoying a meal and drink….a bit like the last supper!!!

Start Date:
Sunday 16th March 2014
Start Time:
"The Balcony" at Harrogate Cricket Club
Paul Onslow
07815 685047
Paul Onslow

Within popular culture Judas Iscariot is a character who is synonymous with a betrayer and the act of betrayal. Angry Football fans often feel let down and betrayed when a former fans favourite leaves to join another club; to show their disgust “Judas” is often chanted when he returns to play for the opposition. One man’s betrayer, however, is another man’s freedom fighter. People never betray others for no reason, it may be ideology or plain monetary gain but there is always a reason.

This brings us back to Judas Iscariot, one of “the twelve” disciples of Jesus. Why did he betray Jesus? He must have had a reason…..yet we rarely, if ever, consider Judas’ point of view and ask, “why?”

The Gospels give different motives to Judas’ betrayal and is there a reason why the author of Acts give Judas a different death than the Gospels? What are we to make of other non-canonical stories? The narrative in the recently discovered Gospel of Judas gives a radically different motive as to why Judas betrayed Jesus. All very interesting.

On Sunday 16th March we are going to ask why and try to examine Judas’ motives by looking at the early Christian literature and how these ancient books viewed Judas and how they viewed the subject of Judas’ betrayal - Jesus of Nazareth.

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