Modern Church Conference 2024

Modern Church Conference 2024

Finding the Sacred in the 21st Century: New Ways of Looking at Spirituality

Start Date:
Monday 15th July 2024
Start Time:
High Leigh
Nic Tall
Modern Church
£265 (discount for Modern Church members)

We live in a world where the ‘old ways’ of being religious (inherited from Christendom and western culture more generally) work only for an ever-shrinking minority of people. For the majority, they are no longer engaging, comprehensible or attractive.

Yet there is an explosion of spirituality and spiritual practices all around us, if we know where to look. As Christians, we often don’t, and fail to apprehend or attend to the fertile opportunities to engage with and understand ‘alternative’ manifestations of meaning-making, God-talk and embodied spiritual practices that are at play in our world. What can we learn if we open ourselves to dialogue with those outside religion; paying attention to what they are doing to connect with deep life themes traditionally interpreted through faith? And what can we offer back from our own Christian traditions? What do we make of it? How do we feel about it? How does it challenge us? How can we distinguish healthy spiritualities from toxic ones? Can we create a shared language and common ground?

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