Matthew Fox - The Marriage of the Sacred Masculine with the Divine Feminine - Piccadilly, London

You are invited to join us this evening for an exploration of the sacred masculine and divine feminine. How can we invite this sacred marriage into our own lives and into the world at large.

Start Date:
Wednesday 11th April 2012
Start Time:
St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London
Matthew Fox

The survival of our species requires, among other things, a healthier balance between Yin and Yang, Feminine and Masculine, energies. The Goddess has been returning to Western consciousness for decades through the women’s movement, feminist scholarship, Goddess rediscoveries, and more. We will explore some of the rich and hopeful implications of that achievement with special emphasis on the return of the Black Madonna.

It is also time to resurrect the “sacred masculine” as well so that the Goddess may have a proper consort. Much of what passes for masculinity in our culture and religion is anything but sacred. It is toxic, and this toxicity affects not only men but also women in their roles as mothers, sisters, spouses, and human beings.

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