Malvern Science and Faith Weekend 2015

Malvern Science and Faith Weekend 2015

Once again the Malvern Science and Faith Weekend is offering a weekend of talks, discussion and activities for people of all faiths and none. This year’s topic is Human Being - Being Human.

Start Date:
Friday 6th March 2015
Start Time:
Malvern, Worcestershire
01684 565708
Prof Eric Olson, Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker, Dr June Jones, Prof Dawn Brooker, Prof Raymond Tallis, Dr Shabbir Akhtar and many more
No fee, donations requested

For progressive people of faith - as for open minded scientists - there need be no intrinsic conflict between religious faith and the scientific disciplines. Rather both these sets of approaches to life on this planet and beyond are regarded as explorations of existence and a search for reliable answers. Many of us, of course, live with and thrive on both types of enquiry.

One of the most fundamental questions raised in both religious and scientific discourse concerns ourselves: what does it mean to be human? Answers can be offered from a number of scientific standpoints. Our physics and our chemistry can, in principle at least, offer some definitions, and the medically-related disciplines of physiology, anatomy, neurology and psychology have much to contribute.

Every religious or spiritual discipline has its ‘anthropology’ – an explicit or else inferable understanding of our species and its place in the order of things. From this understanding flow many of our religious and spiritual practices, ranging from family life to politics.

The speakers at the 2015 Malvern Science and Faith Weekend will address the topic of Human Being – Being Human from their own standpoints, and the accompanying discussions and activities will allow participants to follow up their own interests within this overall theme. An important part of the Weekend is the art and science activity day for children, which includes demonstrations, workshops and themed shows.

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