Journey to COP26

Journey to COP26

An invitation for people of all faith communities and none to join together remotely and share our belief in the sacredness of all life, ahead of the UN climate talks, COP26.

Start Date:
Saturday 10th April 2021
Start Time:

This is a crucial time for building the movement for climate justice. People in Britain and beyond want radical action to prevent climate breakdown – and we must make sure that the UK government knows that.

Many people in the UK share a deep concern for the damage being done to the Earth, our home. In our concern, we recognise that every place is sacred and that we all have a responsibility to protect the Earth and all its inhabitants.

We are a group of Quakers calling on all concerned communities in the UK, including people of other faiths and people of no faith, to join us our journey of awareness, understanding and action ahead of the climate talks.

On Saturday 10 April and Sunday 11 April we invite you to participate in a celebration of our environment by making a short journey to any place that is sacred to you.

This action is a way for us to strengthen our collective sense of purpose in protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Your journey could be to your garden or local park, or a day long hike! If your sacred place is your own living room it could even be a spiritual or virtual journey. It could be taken as a group, perhaps with others from your meeting, or individually.

Anyone can participate in the Journey to COP26. Here are some steps you can take:

Start organising your journey. You could do this with friends, family, your faith community or on your own. Think about which places are sacred to you and how you might want to travel. Your journey could involve an event at the end, such as a meeting for worship, a community art exhibition or planting a tree together. It could also be an opportunity to get local politicians or local media to respond to the issue of climate change and draw attention to the COP26 negotiations.

Email us for bespoke help. If you want advice, support or ideas for what to do for your Journey to COP26, please get in touch! Email Oonagh Ryder, Activism Support Coordinator:

Join our mailing list. We will share information about preparing an action in the run-up to 10 April, and share news of who else will be participating.

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