Jesus the Jew

Lounge will open at 6.00pm for drinks and browsing in the library, then the speaker and discussion, finish at 9.0pm

Start Date:
Wednesday 22nd June 2011
Start Time:
Centre for Radical Christianity, St Mark’s Church, Broomhill, sheffield
Maureen Bownas
James Crossley

There are various ways in which scholarship has constructed Judaism in relation to the historical Jesus, from overtly anti-Semitic portrayals in Nazi scholarship to the supposed positivity in emphasising, and sometimes even measuring, the ‘Jewishness’ of Jesus in the past 30 years. Historical, cultural and ideological factors underlying scholarly constructions of Jewish identity will also be analysed. Some consideration will also be given to comparing Jesus’ teaching with early Jewish texts in order to test contemporary scholarly constructions of the ‘Jewishness’ of Jesus. James Crossley (Department of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield) has worked extensively on Jewish contexts of the historical Jesus, Gospels and Christian origins and the ideological locations of contemporary biblical scholarship.

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