Jesus of Nazareth in 2010

Professor David Catchpole will be leading the weekend with presentations and conversations concerning Jesus of Nazareth in 2010. In his own time Jesus was a figure of controversy, and where two or three Christians meet together they will probably argue about what may be said about him and the basis upon which anyone may say anything. We shall address some of the questions provoked by historical affirmations about him in the Christian creeds, and try to fill in some of the space left where those creeds say nothing at all. Finally, with an eye to the question of whether Jesus can be viewed as the founder of Christianity, we shall draw in a “theologically significant other”, and ask whether the religion of the carpenter’s son was truly that of the tentmaker Roman citizen, and vice versa.

Start Date:
Monday 24th June 2024
Start Time:
St Deiniol's Residential Library, Hawarden, Flintshire CH5 3DF
John Churcher
01727 760058
David Catchpole, a respected veteran scholar specializing in Jesus and the Gospels
£150, limited bursaries available

Sessions will cover the following topics: 1. Mary and Joseph and the Baby 2. Not a Christian but a Jew 3. When from death he passed…? 4. From 30 - 2010: Jesus in his world, and we in ours.
St Deiniol’s Residential Library is a unique institution founded by the Victorian Prime Minister, W.E. Gladstone, offering facilities for research, conferences and retreats. It is seven miles from Chester.
The programme commences with an informal get together at 6pm on the Friday, followed by sessions on the Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening, and the Sunday morning. There will be free time on Saturday afternoon for study or relaxation. A detailed programme will be sent to the participants nearer the weekend.
David Catchpole has degrees in mathematics and theology, and has worked for his doctorate on “The Trial of Jesus in Jewish Historiography”. He spent the bulk of his professional career at the Universities of Lancaster and then Exeter, where he was Professor of Theological Studies. Since 1998 he has been Scholar in Residence at Sarum College in Salisbury, pursuing his enthusiasm for lifelong learning by leading a team of colleagues in offering the “Theology Quest and Questions” course. He is author of several books, including The Quest for Q, Ressurection People and Jesus People. He is a reader at St Peter’s Church, Tiverton and an enthusiastic member of Somerset County Cricket Club.

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