Is religion good for social cohesion?

After the summer riots of 2001 and the terrorist bombings in New York (2001) and London (2005) Alan was asked by the Home Office to research the attitudes of 15 year olds towards those of other cultures and faiths in selected northern towns (Burnley, Blackburn and Sheffield). This led him to try to make some assessment of the different contribution that religion makes to society and he published God and Community Cohesion in 2009. In this talk he will explain the findings of the research and draw some conclusions about the role of religion and faith groups.

Start Date:
Wednesday 3rd October 2012
Start Time:
St Marks CRC, 4 St. Mark's Crescent, Sheffield, S10 2SG
Canon Dr Alan Billings

Alan, who has close connections with Sheffield, is a member of the Youth Justice Board and a former member of the Home Office Community Cohesion Panel. He served as a schools adjudicator and Chairman of the Cumbria Courts Board. He was a contributor to the report Faith in the City. Alan served as Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council, a colleague of David Blunket. He is a contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day on the Today programme.

6.00 pm onwards coffee, tea and biscuits served in the lounge

7.00 pm Alan Billings

The library will remain open until 9.00pm

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