Historical Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures

Historical Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures

Although they evolved several thousand years ago and addressed the spiritual, political, and cultural situation of a civilization very different from our own, the Hebrew Scriptures, also known as the Old Testament, continue to influence our lives today. The theological concepts, the ideas, narratives, and characters have been so deeply imprinted in the collective consciousness of Western civilization that it might be impossible to eradicate them.

Start Date:
Wednesday 29th October 2014
Start Time:
Internet course of study 2 hours fortnightly
Kimerie Mapletoft
Rev. Tom Thorpe
£50 for SEE students or £40 for non credited students

Our primary purpose in Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures will be to hear the voices that created these sacred documents. We will attempt to engage the Hebrew Scriptures from the perspective of the culture to which they were written. We will attempt to experience the energy of the ancient Hebrew people. We will follow the Hebrew people’s awareness and experience of God as it evolves through the primeval and patriarchal periods, the united and divided kingdoms, the exile, and the return. We can expect to gain a deeper understanding of our own awareness of God, by whatever name we call Ultimate Reality, through this study.

Those who are at all familiar with the Christian Scriptures or New Testament will gain a greater understanding of the profound influence of the Hebrew Scriptures on the writers of the Christian Scriptures.

Our class will meet in five two-hour sessions: 22nd October, 5th November, 19th November,3rd December, 17th December From 7-9pm

REQUIRED BOOK: Marcus Borg, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time This is not included in the cost of the course and can be ordered from Amazon UK or online via bookshops.

Readings, from Marcus Borg’s Reading the Bible Again for the First Time and from material provided by the instructor will be assigned for each session.

Students desiring to earn Spiritual Education and Enrichment credit for Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures must take part in each session and will be required to pass a multiple choice examination.

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