Faith in Conflict

Faith in Conflict

Finding better ways to handle conflict in the Church
An ecumenical conference at Coventry Cathedral

Start Date:
Tuesday 26th February 2013
Start Time:
Coventry Cathedral
David Williams
024 7652 1261
Rev'd Dr Jo Bailey Wells, Rev'd Dr Sam Wells

​Conflict exists in every walk of life, including the Church. However, escalated and badly-handled conflict can cause long-lasting damage to the relationships and ministry of your church; and can negatively affect the church’s reputation, and individuals’ faith. All church traditions face conflict, with tensions and power-struggles in local churches, and with challenges at national level, for example with intense differences over issues on human sexuality. Often church leaders feel ill-equipped to deal with these tensions.

The aim of the Faith in Conflict conference is to enable you to find better ways to engage with conflict in church life, connecting you with others wanting to work creatively at this; and to offer you the opportunity to learn from Christian professionals who have worked on handling and transforming conflict for many years.

By joining us in this conference you will have an opportunity to:

  • Understand our challenges which arise from the culture of how conflict is handled in churches
  • Gain a renewed vision of how the churches might view conflict differently
  • Grow our capacity to respond to conflict in its many forms
  • Develop supportive networks linking organisations, people, and training resources


The conference is designed for those in senior and middle level leadership roles in churches and Christians who are practitioners in peacemaking and peace-building.

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