Extending the table

Extending the table

This day is for OneBodyOneFaith members and supporters to explore together what it means to identify as trans, intersex, non-binary or gender queer.

Start Date:
Saturday 15th September 2018
Start Time:
St James & Emmanuel C of E Church, 6 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, M20 6TR
Dr Susannah Cornwall, Rachel Mann, Tina Beardsley, Kenneth Wilkinson, Sara Gillingham, Chris Dowd, Neil Mackin
£22.15 - £45.86

What do these identities mean for each of us, for our churches and faith communities and for our relationships with one another?

  • how do these experiences help us speak of God?
  • how have our understandings changed over time…
  • …or for different individuals with different stories?
  • how do we need to change our thinking, speaking and behaviour – as individuals and faith communities?
  • how can we be helped and enabled to do that together?
  • ...and if we want to extend the table, whose table is it anyway?
The day will focus on experience and reflection, as well as some academic perspectives, and some fun particpatory sessions, and we’ll have resources on offer if you do want to go deeper. It’s for anyone who wants to explore and reflect – wherever they are on their journey.
It’s for you, for your church community, for your workplace if you engage with people in the broadest sense and want to understand and engage with the ‘life in all its fullness’ which lies at the heart of the Christian promise.

Registration includes lunch provided by HOME - Emmanuel’s wonderful social enterprise cofffee shop, and resources. Day delegate rate is £42 (subject to an online booking fee.) If you’re under 30 or training in ministry then we have a number of tickets for £20 (subject to an online booking fee.)

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