Every Tribe: Diverse Saints in a Diverse World - Sharon Prentis

Every Tribe: Diverse Saints in a Diverse World - Sharon Prentis

The Bible visualises a new heaven and a new earth with people of every language and nation, so why are all the saints in our paintings and stained glass windows white? The bias in the church’s storytelling means that many are surprised to discover that St Augustine is North African and St George is an immigrant with Turkish and Palestinian parents.

Start Date:
Sunday 7th July 2019
Start Time:
St Paul's
Sharon Prentis

A new book of essays edited by Sharon Prentis uncovers stories of holy, inspired and inspiring lives from all over the world. It celebrates the true diversity of the saints and challenges the church to become what it is meant to be: a rainbow people of God serving the diverse needs of a diverse world.

The Revd Dr Sharon Prentis is Dean of Black and Minority Ethnic Affairs and Intercultural Mission Enabler at the Church of England in Birmingham. She is an honorary research fellow in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham and the editor of Every Tribe: Stories of Diverse Saints Serving a Diverse World (SPCK 2019).

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