Don Cupitt - The Meaning of the West: A Radical Christian Interpretation

We welcome Don Cupitt, whose forthcoming latest book explores ideas of what western culture is and why it is so dominant in the modern world.

Start Date:
Saturday 1st November 2008
Start Time:
St Marks CRC
0114 267 0362
Don Cupitt

In his writing, and in the various societies he has tried to foster, Don Cupitt attempts to develop new thinking for a new epoch: a new philosophy, a new ethics, and a new religious thought. The Sea of Faith TV series can be obtained on DVD from the Sea of Faith UK, and the book is still in print. It is reasonably accessible to beginners in philosophy and theology. Readers with more time and energy should simply read Don Cupitt’s recent books in the order in which they were written — perhaps beginning with After All (1994).

At this exciting day conference he will explore themes from new book, due to be published at the end of November. In it he proposes a reinterpretation of Christian history, arguing that the meaning of the West is not Catholic Christian, but radical Christian. The original Jesus was a secular figure, a utopian teacher of ethical wisdom. Cupitt argues that the core of Western culture is simply the old Christian spirituality extraverted. It should be a ‘tonic for the nation’ – certainly for progressive believers, after so much depressing religious news of late. The cost of the conference is £10 (students £2), but for paid-up members of PCN Britain (as well as of CRC), the cost is £8.

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