Doing Death Differently

A talk by PCN member, Mark Townsend, one of five taking place at All Saints during this season of remembrance under the banner: “Matter of Life and Death”. Other speakers in the series include Bishop Jack Spong and the humanist Dorothy Quayle.

Start Date:
Monday 24th June 2024
Start Time:
All Saints' Church, Hereford, HR4 9AA
All Saints office
01432 370414
Mark Townsend

Mark Townsend is an ordained priest of the Church of England who combines the two worlds of religion and magic. Through his illusions he reawakens people to the closeness of God and the wonder of the world around them. He has written four books including The Gospel of Falling Down - the beauty of failure in an age of success. In this he punctures the modern day religious goals of perfection and success claiming, rather, that human brokenness and cracks are where the true inner light of God/dess is found.

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