Deconstruction Retreat

Deconstruction Retreat

Deconstruction is part of the human condition. We build things up, and then we become confined by them. It’s only by consciously decontructing what we have built, that we can grow and develop.

Start Date:
Saturday 3rd November 2018
Start Time:
The Hayes, Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 1AU
Simon Cross
£160 per person, this includes en suite accomodation and all meals

But it’s a painful process, or it can be. And it’s usually only precipitated by some kind of crisis, something that stops us in our tracks, and makes us realise that somethings have to change, a bereavement, a relationship breakdown, a feeling of betrayal, all these are common causes.

The process of deconstruction gives rise to various conflicting feelings: guilt, liberation, fear, exhileration… Dealing with such mixed feelings is hard, and in order to get through them with a sense of healthy progress, it can really help to take time to take stock. This short retreat is designed to do just that.

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