Christianity? Don’t make me laugh

This is an introduction to progressive Christianity through the words of Bishop John Spong. “Bishop Spong presents the case for progressive Christianity with simplicity and with” (Ian Gregory). The afternoon begins with lunch at 12.30 and this is followed by a screening of Spong’s DVD called “Christianity for the non-religious” along with subsequent discussion. All are welcome. Click through for more details.

Start Date:
Saturday 19th May 2012
Start Time:
PICL Palace, 14a King Street, Newcastle under Lyme.
Bishop John Spong (on DVD)

What is progressive Christianity?

It is a way of celebrating and promoting the christian faith so that thoughtful people in the 21st Century can see the relevance of Jesus the Christ to our personal, communal, family and national life.

It subjects the priceless Bible documents that have been handed down the centuries to scholarly examination, and questions some of the beliefs that traditional creeds affirm.

The result: Christianity is found to be a much more interesting basis for life than can be imagined from the way it is offered by most traditional churches or evangelists. We do not suggest that progressive Christians should abandon their churches, and althrough certain beliefs are no longer credible for us, we treat those with whom we disagree with tolerance and courtesy. Evangelical fundamentalism is popularly throught to be the real nature of Christianity. That is the basis on which certain atheists often scorn it. The faith which is based on the life and teaching of Jesus the Christ is a believable, life-enhancing adventure, open to honest sharing with people of other faith systems. It is a supreme starting point for those who think that “there must be something in spirituality” but are not satisfied with the creeds offered about it in traditional religion.

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