“Celebrating Sanctuary, the road ahead”

“Celebrating Sanctuary, the road ahead”

We would like to invite you join us for the event “Celebrating Sanctuary, the road ahead” on the morning of Saturday 3 July. With the centrally managed Sanctuary Everywhere programme coming to an end shortly, we would like to use this online space to celebrate the last few years of Sanctuary work. It will also be a space to make connections and find out how sanctuary meetings can continue to access support as we prepare to move on to a new phase of our witness work.

This event is open to all Friends from Sanctuary meetings, the Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (QARN) and those who have been creating sanctuary during the last few years and decades.. Please pass on this invitation to all Friends in your meeting interested in the future of our racial and migrant justice work!

Start Date:
Saturday 3rd July 2021
Start Time:
on line

This event will be hosted by QPSW and QARN!

3 July, Saturday - 11:00 - 13:00

Find out more and register here:


We like to ask you to send the following if you can:

Do you have photos or other materials from your work in the last few years? We would love to use photos, videos and other images of sanctuary work during the gathering.

Do you have a story of a witness to tell, please email us some details, what was your meeting concerned about? Who was involved in taking action? What would you like others to know?

We would really appreciate hearing from you at philipw@quaker.org.uk

We hope to see you there!

Tatiana Garavito and Philip Wood

QPSW Sanctuary Everywhere team

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