Brian McLaren speaks on A New Kind of Christianity

Brian McLaren speaks on A New Kind of Christianity

This weekday evening meeting at St Paul’s cathedral explores the reality of belief and the nature of Christianity. There will be plenty of time for questions from the audience

Start Date:
Wednesday 28th November 2012
Start Time:
St Paul's cathedral
St Paul’s Forum, 3b Amen Court, London EC4M 7BU
020 7236 3553
Brian Mclaren

​“It’s time for a new quest, launched by new questions – a quest for new ways to believe and new ways to live and serve faithfully in the way of Jesus: a quest for a new kind of Christian faith”.

Brian McLaren is a writer, speaker, activist, and public theologian. He left a university teaching career to help form Cedar Ridge Community Church, an innovative, nondenominational church to which he was Pastor for 20 years, and now is a leading figure in the Emerging Church movement in America.

He says it’s time for us to ask questions as radical as the ones Martin Luther nailed to the church door in Wittenberg and which exploded into the Reformation: it’s time for “questions, conversations and friendships that have the power to weaken old, rigid paradigms and to help us imagine new and better possibilities, questions full of the wind of the Spirit of God and a powerful summons to faith, hope and love”.

In this talk he’ll ask some of the questions we need in order to explore new ways to be Christians – about God, the Bible, sex, politics and ourselves.

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