An Evening with John Dominic Crossan

An Evening with John Dominic Crossan

We are very fortunate that Dominic has agreed to answer your questions on a wide range of topics arising from his work.

Start Date:
Wednesday 21st July 2021
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Sarah Guilfoyle
John Dominic Crossan
PCN Britain
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Since 1967 Dom Crossan has written scores of books and articles and lectured across the world, including to PCN audiences. His 1994 book, ‘Jesus a Revolutionary Biography’ set the academic world on fire and since then he has written about parables, the death of Jesus and his most recent book on how the resurrection of Christ has been portrayed in art and understood by the eastern and western Church. Together with Marcus Borg he has written the very popular books on the First Christmas, the Last Week and the First Paul.

He challenges Christians on how to read the bible and still be Christian in the light of much of the violence portrayed there.

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