Alternative Advent - now running - catch up here

Alternative Advent - now running - catch up here

alternative meditations for Advent

Start Date:
Sunday 2nd December 2018
Start Time:
via email
Simon Cross, Chaplain: Oasis Grimsby & YMCA Humber, Oasis Academy Wintringham, Weelsby Avenue, Grimsby, England DN32 0AZ United

The meditations will be available on this site or direct to your inbox by signing up with Simon Cross ​—-

From Sunday 2nd of December, Simon writes, his emails will be changing to incorporate my #alternativeadvent email series.

That means that during advent 2018 those who sign up will receive an email every day. Format wise they will be roughly the same as my usual output (three paragraphs at 7AM) although some may be a bit longer than usual. Because of the theme, they will inevitably be a bit more about Christianity than they would be usual from me too.

The series has its own hash tag: #alternativeadvent, in case any of you want to share thoughts about it on social media.

When Christmas arrives you may choose to take yourself off the list, or stay on it to receive my normal weekday meditations series: spoiler alert, they are mainly about death, pain and suffering.

Anyway, I really appreciate having your company on this ride through life, and would be glad if you were able to drop me a line from time to time, to tell me what’s going on with you, or to give me some feedback on the email you have been receiving.

From time to time I will use a text box at the bottom of the email to let you know about other things I’ve written, or events I’ve organised, again feel free to look into these or ignore them as you wish. If you want to read more about my wider work and writing, you will find a reasonable amount of information on my website:

And finally - if sometimes you think ‘there’s been no email today’, then check your junk folder. Webmail clients particularly are a bit vicious towards me at times. On the other hand, I might just have mucked up the sending thing - and if that’s the case, I apologise in advance.

Peace to you,


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