After Atheism

On this evening, organised by PCN Glasgow Southside, author and former priest Mark Vernon will talk about the theme of his book After Atheism (Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 2007). There will certainly be ample space for all to ask questions and to discuss.

Start Date:
Friday 4th March 2011
Start Time:
Orchardhill Parish Church, Church Road, Giffnock G46 6JR
Andrew Wale
01360 319901
Mark Vernon
A free donation of £5 pp is asked to cover costs

Mark Vernon is an author and journalist. He has written books on friendship, well-being, belief, science and the philosophy of the everyday. His articles and reviews on religious, philosophical and ethical themes have appeared in many newspapers and magazines. He has degrees in physics, theology and philosophy, and regularly contributes to debates and festivals, also teaching at The School of Life in London. The broadside against religion launched by a new breed of evangelical atheists has generated much heat but little light. Locked in battle against their Christian opponents the argument goes nowhere fast, and in an age of extremism, nurtures the dangerous vice of intolerance. Mark Vernon was an Anglican priest, left a conviction atheist, but now finds himself to be a committed and increasingly passionate agnostic. Part personal story, part philosophical search, After Atheism argues that the contemporary lust for certainty is demeaning of our humanity. The key to wisdom – as Socrates, the great theologians and the best scientists know – is understanding the limits of our knowledge.

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