What unites us is central

Julian Wood thinks it is more important to celebrate what we share than to focus what divides us

What unites us is central

One of the gifts of a spiritually-led life is that we can reflect on what unites us as well as what divides us from other people.

I struggle with attending church- but then often think, ‘Hang on - I agree with all of Christianity apart from the church dogma’.

This is a creed I can sign up to - and I think almost all Christians, non-Christians and people of other faiths can sign up to as well. Can you?

Ø I believe in the centrality of love in life - that we are here to love and care for each other.

Ø I believe in the great value of life in all its manifestations - in the value of each human life, in the lives of animals and of all nature

Ø I believe there is a dimension beyond the everyday - I call this the transcendent. Christians call it a variety of things, including the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus. It is summed up in Pierre de Chardin’s famous quote “We are spiritual beings living a physical life”

Ø I believe in the importance of faith - as do we all. We need faith to walk out of our front doors and trust that the ground will not collapse under us, to quote Desmond Tutu.

Ø I believe in the moral aspect of life, as did Martin Luther King. That breaking a moral law, such as murder or hating someone, has a moral consequence, and that these laws are just as important as physical laws.

Ø I believe in the value of trust between people for healthy relationships, and trust in ourselves.

Ø I believe that I do not have the whole truth, and that I need to live in community to understand myself and others fully - that there is a wisdom beyond my own wisdom and that of other individuals

As I see it, these beliefs are far more important than church dogma- I see them as the 95% on which all humanity virtually can agree - and the 5% of other beliefs (concerning whose God is ‘right’ etc.) as relatively unimportant.

And this gives me great hope. If we all share this 95%, we all share religion.

Julian Wood


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