Vatican Promoting the Mortal Sin of Homophobia (still) - Matthew Fox

An 85-year-old Irish (once Catholic) woman from the Boston area sent me this headlined article last night: "Vatican excludes gay union blessings because God ‘can’t bless sin.’"

Vatican Promoting the Mortal Sin of Homophobia (still) - Matthew Fox

The woman’s response? Very succinct and to the point: "Who gives a damn WHAT they say—or bless—or don’t bless?"

How many (more) gay or trans youth will commit suicide over this "religious" pronouncement?

How many more will go into deep depression?

How many will act out their self-hatred?

Saint Thomas Aquinas, doctor of the church, warns us that "a mistake about creation results in a mistake about God." This declaration insults the Creator who knows all about sexual diversity.

Aquinas also says that those who choose to be ignorant of something important are committing a mortal sin.

Sexual diversity is true and important.

The information that homosexuality exists in about 8% of our species as well as 464 other species has been there for all to see since the 1970’s when the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a disease from their books. For a minority, it is perfectly normal and healthy.

What rock has the Vatican been choosing to hide under all these years?

What is particular cheeky about this homophobic proclamation is that a book called In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality and Hypocrisy, has come on the market for all to see.

Written by French journalist Frédéric Martel, it details the truths and hypocrisy of gay life in and around the Vatican.

"Book on Gays in Vatican Makes Link to Sex Abuse." Author Frédéric Martel says the Vatican culture of secrecy that has hidden the double lives of clergy is "intrinsically mixed up" with the culture of cover-up about sexual abuse of minors.

The book tells us, among other things, that 12 of the twenty clergy of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are gay, 12 are practicing, 5 with their boyfriends and 3 visit prostitutes regularly. And it is not so much the heterosexuals in the Vatican but self-hating gay prelates who make all the fuss and noise and laws against homosexuals (See my review of that book HERE).

Let me repeat: the gay issue today is the Galileo case of our time. Once again, we have religious prelates pontificating about a scientific issue without studying the science—Aquinas calls this a mortal sin. "Mistakes about God" are at stake here as well. Is God homophobic? It seems not, since creation has birthed it.

Sexual diversity seems to be a big plus for history—why else would it be so prevalent?

This declaration is a very sinful one. It sins against truth; against creation; against our responsibility to study science before pontificating about peoples’ lives and loves.

It sins as hypocrisy—something Jesus thunders against in religious leaders; it contributes to hatred, killings and suicides that are sure to follow; it sins by encouraging self-hatred of homosexuals (of whom many live and work in the Vatican).

And it sins against the rising number of young people who have learned to accept the diversity of sexual expression in themselves and their siblings, friends, and co-workers. Much has been learned about sexual diversity in recent decades and it is a pity that people in the Vatican have chosen ignorance. Shame on them.

Will they notice when still increased numbers abandon organized religion and leave it to the homophobes?


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