Post covid challenge to parishes

financial fallout to parishes

Post covid challenge to parishes
​A few weeks ago in the Church Times the Revd Stephen Trott criticised the exponentially growing bureaucracy of the CofE diverting resources from parish ministry. A respondent pointed out that in the Chelmsford Diocese while plans were being made to reduce parish clergy numbers there was a simultaneous decision to increase the number of Archdeacons from 4 to 7!

The problem is widespread across the CofE. Questionable at the best of times but of extra importance now that parishes will struggle financially as people hesitate to return to public worship. A little while ago the website republished an article from The Tablet by a Catholic writer contemplating the challenge to the RC church from Covid as people got out of the habit of worship. I recently received an email from a PCC treasurer lamenting the diocesan demands - demands that had seen off three clergy from his parish unable to continue in a Church with an increasingly secular managerial style- an approach increasingly seen as bankrupt in the business world. How long will the lay officers continue to carry the burden with so little by way of thanks. Stephen Trott is a member of Synod and I wish him well in his endeavours to seek reform though I wonder how many clergy keep quiet in the hope of preferment to the bloated bureaucracy.


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