This is intended to become a collection of poems put forward by PCN members during the coronavirus lockdown.

Contents: Easter Monday by Edward Conder

EASTER MORNING You, Lord Jesus, didn’t stay Quietly dead and hid away. You’re still here to cause dissension To challenge clerical invention For there is still a need of men To respond as you did then, To overcome their normal fears And face the world with fresh ideas. Give us then the strength divine To step completely out of line, Going after where you led Doing always what you said. Not putting you upon a throne, Nor making monuments in stone, But out there with you doing stuff, Where life is true and life is tough. Be our strength when we are weak, Be there when we your comfort seek, Be there in glory when we win, Be there in mercy when we sin. Lord Jesus, with the Spirit fill us, With his awesome power instil us, For it is then that we can do And follow truly after you. and follow truly after you. by Edward Conder, PCN member (previously published in Progressive Voices March 2015)


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