PCN Newsletter 17th July 2020

This is the back cover of Issue 30 of Progressive Voices, it made me smile when I first saw it and it still does. I hope that it also strikes a chord with you.

PCN Newsletter 17th July 2020
Hopes for a post Covid 19 world As this regular newsletter ceases at the end of July and a monthly PCN bulletin begins in September, here are the top-10 hopes for a post Covid 19 world, which members have been sending in. 1. Urgently attend to the climate change crisis and learn from what less road and air traffic and hence less pollution and carbon emissions has taught us. 2. Remember all those ‘key workers’ who care for us in so many ways – nurses, care home staff, refuse collectors, supermarket staff and so many more and ensure they are all paid a fair wage. 3. Urgently work to eliminate poverty and consider a universal basic income

4. Focus more on mental health and resource this sector properly 5. Reform the whole Health and Social Care system so that it becomes properly integrated and funded 6. Create a just taxation system, abolishing tax havens and capping extravagant salary payments 7. Rebuild our public services on all fronts 8. A greater transparency in government and less centralisation of power 9. Urgently work for a more equitable share of the earth’s resources 10. Work for sustainable food security across the globe Thank you to all members who contributed their thoughts and aspirations. I had an interesting conversation with one of our group convenors the other day, who suggested that we encourage all our groups to adopt a model of both action as well as discussion. Clearly many of us are already active in different causes in our community and perhaps in political and other ways. But maybe PCN groups can be engaged as a group in a particular piece of kingdom work to try to bring some of these 10 hopes to fruition? Film time! Our 5 short films are now available to watch and talk about and already the Brighton Thinking Allowed Group has watched the film of Greg’s Story at their Zoom meeting on July12. Were they the first?? Let us know if you have watched the films and your thoughts! Finally an encouraging tale from football…..my team, Wigan Athletic have gone into administration due in part to the rotten way football is managed when all the money lies in the Premier League. To add to their miseries the Football League had deducted 12 points which puts the team into the relegation zone. But then this week we managed an 8-0 victory, the biggest in our history! Defiance in the face of adversity. We all face a grim picture still in this present pandemic and lives have been lost and changed for ever. Football is not more serious than that, despite what Bill Shankly said but we all need a little bit of cheer sometimes! (Sorry if you’re a Hull fan!) Cheers! Adrian
This is our penultimate newsletter in this format. There will be another in a fortnight and then we take a break for August. The newsletter will return in September with a new monthly bulletin that will keep you up to date with news from PCN, announcements of events, highlights from the website and also include some of the poems and comments to which we have had such a positive response. I would like to make the next newsletter a little longer and include thoughts, comments, poems and more from PCN members. So if you have been thinking of sharing something with us please do send it. Made of Stories I hope that you have been able to have a look at the Made of Stories website (madeofstories.uk) that contains the PCN films. If not then please do take the opportunity, they are well worth watching. We now have a facebook discussion group, and it can be found on at www.facebook.com/pcnuk. It is a public group set up to discuss the films and you are cordially invited to join. If you prefer not to use social media but would like to comment then you can go to the PCN website and leave your comment there.
During lockdown, and with a toddler to occupy, I have resorted at points to YouTube as a distraction and one of the things that my daughter has found fascinating is trains, steam trains specifically. Locally we are lucky enough to have a little railway line in a visitor attraction and now that this is open we took our daughter there for her first ever ride on a steam train. I’m not sure what I was expecting but as always she surprised me. When we got onto the train she sat very composed as the train pulled away, looking as though this were the most normal thing in the world. I must admit to feeling slightly deflated as we had been so excited to see the look on her face. We did the full circuit and came back to our starting point where my daughter, having alighted from the train strode towards a picnic table and demanded lunch. My disappointment with her initial reaction reminds me that when people don’t meet my expectations, then maybe the problem is with my expectation and not the other person. Sarah, PCN Britain Administrator


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