My feelings of rage

Sonya Brown, a curate from Leicester, is still in an a state of shock, a fortnight after the vote on women bishops in the Church of England

My feelings of rage

Following a week of turmoil for the Church of England and those who were hoping for justice to come in the shape of full human equality through all tiers of the CofE, we are left not only in shock but a state of corporate rage at the lost vote for women bishops.

​There is a loss of integrity that such regressive decisions fuel in the eyes of many when looking upon the church for direction and (dare I say it) as an ethical model in society! One person from another major faith community said to me, following the vote, that no longer was the church in a position to state that 'others' needed to attend to gender equality in their faith communities and institutions. I had to agree with him because after such a vote had taken place how could I disagree with him until this very wrong decision is reversed eventually, however long it takes


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