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Hunger Free Future - Trussell Trust - working towards ending the causes of destitution

Hunger Free Future - Trussell Trust

All of the work that we did together on #5WeeksTooLong led to some really important changes. However, there are still many things that we can do to improve not only UC but other benefits and legislations that are pushing people into destitution.

We are working towards ending the causes of destitution so that we can end the need the for food banks. It is a man-made problem, so it can be fixed.

That is why our new campaign #HungerFreeFuture is working with organisations and members of the public to build a powerful movement for change.

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Hunger Free Future - The Trussell Trust

The solution of advance payments in Universal Credit has led to a new problem of people being in debt to the government and paying back a loan they are unable to afford.

One in two households at food banks (47%), already struggling to make ends meet, face the stress of having money deducted from their benefits payments by the government.

Together, we can build a voice and movement to make sure that things like this can’t go on. #HungerFreeFuture wants to learn from people’s experience’s and share a platform for your voices to be heard by those in power who can improve the welfare system for all.

We are proud of all that we have achieved together and hope that you will continue to join us on our campaigning journey to end the need for food banks.

Kind regards

Hannah-Mae Trow

Campaigns Engagement Officer

also see report re national level of hunger:

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