Gay Marriage

The chair of PCN Britain, John Churcher, gives this personal take on the gay marriage debate. A survey of PCN members found the 94% were in favour of allowing gay and lesbian couples to get married.

Gay Marriage

​A number of MPs have thrown the cat amongst the pigeons by asking churches to discuss and report back their responses to the proposed change to the law concerning gay marriage. It is an emotive issue for some Christians but there are very few foundational texts stating clearly that homosexuality is wrong. Genesis 19 is often referenced but a careful reading of the text will show that it is gang rape not homosexuality that is being condemned. What is worse, same sex relations or Lot offering his two virgin daughters to be gang raped in place of the two angels sent to warn Lot to leave the city?

​Attacking homosexuality ‘because the Bible says so’ ignores the fact that the number of chapters in the entire Bible that have anything specific to say about homosexuality can be counted on the fingers of two hands! However, the word ‘justice’ appears specifically in 24 chapters of the Bible and the word ‘love’ appears specifically in 200 plus chapters. So what is more important, justice and love or the condemnation of homosexuality? Cherry picking Bible verses to support personal prejudice and then to claim to have Biblical authority to back it up is the real abomination. Being gay is not an illness to be cured but a natural biological orientation. The sexual sin is infidelity not homosexuality. Marriage is a loving relationship between two consenting adults so why continue to deprive many within and beyond our churches from the God-given blessings of marriage?


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