Do as I say not as I do???

Church of England spends £530,000 on a six-bedroom house for the vicar of Yorkshire Dales parish

Do as I say not as I do???

I never cease to be amazed at the CofE's facility for scoring own goals. A report in The Yorkshire Post, by Grace Newton, highlights that Leeds Diocese spent £530,000 on a six-bedroom house for the vicar of Yorkshire Dales parish

To make the appearance worse the Diocese of Leeds completed the purchase of Langhorne Lodge in Reeth for £530,000 in January. This was just several months before the local Parochial Church Council sold the former Arkengarthdale C of E Primary School to private buyers who paid just £30,000 more than the Upper Dales Community Land Trust, who had planned to convert the building into affordable rented homes for local families, offered.

It is pointed out that this part of Yorskshire is a unique area in that it costs a fortune to buy and there is very little to rent. It is a part of the UK where incomes are very low rarely more than minimum wage. A place with lots of second homes plus holiday lets which results in the housing pool being somewhat reduced.

A spokesman for the Diocese of Leeds pointed out, somewhat bewilderingly, that the building has been acquired to take into consideration the needs of future vicars as well as those of the current incumbent.

I am prompted to wonder if the diocese envisages a future Mr Quiverfull from Barchester Towers with umpteen offspring hanging from his legs.

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