Be the Longing

Kelly Isola, turns around the "Where was God?" question which gets asked in the teeth of chaos and tragedy

Be the Longing
Often, during times like these of great suffering, upheaval and uncertainty, the question arises “Where is God?” But the question I would put before you today is not “Where is God,” rather I would ask “Where is humanity? Where are you?”

Mother Teresa said that if we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Look around you… you belong to each other… my life matters because of you. One of the deepest human longings – is the longing to belong, to be a part of things, to be invited in, to be safe and protected.

So if we have no peace, remember this: not only do we need to remember we belong to each other, but it is also our invitation to Be The Longing.

Where you long for a friend to support you, be the friend who calls another to find out if they are well.

When you long to know peace, be the non-anxious presence for someone who is suffering.

Where you long for community and connection, be the heartbeat of whatever group you are with.

When you long to feel less afraid, be the hand that reaches out with generosity.

Where you long to know safety, be the demonstration of commitment and love by moving outside your own comfort zone.

When you long to know your presence here matters, be the gift of welcoming.

Kelly Isola is leader in the Unity movement in the USA. She has a self declared passion "to awaken and inspire individuals to a greater realization of their own divinity". Her teaching expresses both the inner path of wisdom and healing and the outer path of compassionate service.


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