A Blessing for a Meeting on Zoom

The waving hand, our ecstatic benediction

A Blessing for a Meeting on Zoom
In the place where eye contact is impossible The silent lexicon of non-verbal cues extinct May this not be the crowd without the wisdom Despite our isolation, our social distance May we give thanks for this awkward digital blessing May we be admitted, May we not be muted May our distorted sound and scrambled words Finally align, May they catch up with our pixelated vision May travelling this unfamiliar landscape Neither lose us, nor completely exhaust us And may our bandwidth always find room For patience, gentleness and the peace that bypasses misunderstanding May every meeting open and close with a poem, A joke or a steadying moment of silence Some brief transfiguration in time, to remind us Of who we were, before all this, And who we may be again May our agenda always be kindness, The waving hand, our ecstatic benediction And may there never be any other business, For ever and ever. Amen Martin Wroe Sent in by Paul Haines, Come-to-Good Local Meeting (from An Krenner Kernewek - The Cornish Friend)


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