16 year old reflects on PCN films - reflections by Eleanor Wilton

Effective, emotional, compassionate, positive.

16 year old reflects on PCN films - reflections by Eleanor Wilton
Gemma: Effective. Presents the idea that you can still maintain peace and understand your faith whilst committing yourself to work and family, which many can relate to.

Nathaniel: Nathaniel’s story is very emotional. He highlights the idea that coming out is individual for everyone, but that many young adults could be mentally battling the topic alone and is silently being destroyed by hiding their sexuality from others. However, he proceeds to explain in his story that his family were accepting, and that the people who truly care for you will love you no matter what. Furthermore, Nathaniel talks about how he felt ashamed to have been talking to an older man and then be confirmed with HIV. This could be a problem that many teenagers in today’s society face, and so it is important that his story is told to help others understand that they are not alone. Holly: She addresses a topic that is such an important part in global warming and contributes to how people in third world countries and future generations’ lives are (and will be) affected. It is a good video because it shows how she believes that God is supporting her actions, and it shows that she is passionate to help others, like the Bible suggests. Greg: Greg’s story is great because it is relatable for many, in the idea that working-class families have limited activities to entertain them. Therefore, he dedicated his time into developing a community worship hall that is suitable for many. This is a good video because it reflects how communities are there to help each other. Patrick & Davy: Patrick and Davy’s story is amazing. It shows how recent generations do not let old traditions restrict their friendship. They highlight the idea that friendship is greater than inter- country war, and they reflect their positivity about discrepant friendships throughout the community. films can be found here Eleanor Wilton Scott College Plymouth


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