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PCN Newsletter 31st July 2020

When replanting our garden we put herbs near the kitchen door and one of the delights has been how well visited the marjoram is by bees and butterflies. - Sarah

PCN Newsletter 17th July 2020

This is the back cover of Issue 30 of Progressive Voices, it made me smile when I first saw it and it still does. I hope that it also strikes a chord with you.

PCN Newsletter 2nd July 2020

Launch of our PCN films I am delighted to let all PCN members know that the five short films commissioned by PCN are now available for you to see! You can access the films by using this website address :

PCN Newsletter 18th June 2020

The World Post Covid PCN members have been sharing their hopes for our world and our society after we have come through this current pandemic. I have already highlighted two issues which have been raised – the attraction of a universal basic income and the need to value much more the key workers in our country, be it in hospitals and care homes, our supermarket staff, office cleaners, refuse collectors and many others.

PCN Newsletter 28th May

In our tenth newsletter we hear from Adrian Alker about the need to value all key workers.


This is intended to become a collection of poems put forward by PCN members during the coronavirus lockdown.

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