Transatlantic voices: two nations divided by a common language? maybe not ................

Transatlantic voices: two nations divided by a common language? maybe not ................

Progressive voices from the USA worth hearing -

This website will carry news from across the water in order to give some insight into currents of thought in the progressive Christianity in North America. There is a ferment of ideas which can only be beneficial to us over here as well as to the folk over there. Those progressive voices are across Reformed and Catholic faith groups. .   

The Kingdom of Shared Humanity

The Kingdom of Shared Humanity

Howard Grace, a member of PCN Britain, seeks a universal approach which could unite people of all religions and world views without trying to make them all the same

My Palestinian friend, Imad Karam, says that a primary problem in his part of the world is that Palestinians and Israelis are both trapped in their own narratives. I’m sure that this entrapment is true for so many situations, whether with international conflicts, religious affiliations, husband/wife clashes or even football team allegiances which sometimes turn to crowd violence. Is there a universal vision which we humans, with our many different cultures and beliefs, can all buy into? And what are the implications for followers of Jesus?

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Whose kingdom are we building?

Whose kingdom are we building?

As this year's "Thy Kingdom Come" global prayer campaign gets under way, Martyn Percy challenges the Church of England whose archbishops came up with the idea

Starting today, the Church of England joins other Christian communities in ten days of prayer ‘for more people to come to know Jesus Christ’,  In his essay, Martyn Percy calls on the Church of England to reflect on what kind of kingdom it is building, as its focus on charismatic evangelism over the last thirty years risks achieving little and alienating many.  This is a synopsis of his essay which you can read in full here

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A Journey from Believing to Beloving

A Journey from Believing to Beloving

Trevor Dorey was ordained in the Church of England nearly thirty years ago, at the age of sixty. In this article he attempts to shed light on the way-marks of his spiritual journey which have taken him more recently towards the Religious Society of Friends, (Quakers).

The Spiritual Journey is a restlessness of the heart, a solitary search for the roots of our identity, for the Ultimate Reality that gives meaning to all things including our own self.

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Abuse in the Church

Abuse in the Church

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has been hearing evidence from the Church of England. It has led Adrian Alker, chair of PCN Britain, to reflect on the hierarchical structure of his former employer

In recent years few organisations, secular or religious, have escaped public awareness and media scrutiny in regard to the scandal of sexual abuse perpetrated by their members. The disclosure of abuse in children’s homes, in local authority care, in churches of all denominations across the globe, has brought shame on so many public bodies and institutions. Men and women, abused over many years of childhood, have been brave enough to come forward to tell their harrowing stories.

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What Do Progressive Christians Think of Billy Graham?

What Do Progressive Christians Think of Billy Graham?

This well known American evangelist died last week at the age of 99. Eric Alexander, the editor of Jack Spong's new website,, reflects somewhat ruefully on Billy Graham's achievements.

Overall I’m sure Billy Graham was probably a decent and caring person with genuine motives to help the world. But in many ways I think Billy Graham was one of the worst things to happen to Christianity over the past few decades. 

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LGBTQ people welcome? Then say so!

LGBTQ people welcome? Then say so!

PCN Chair, Adrian Alker, calls on all churches which claim to be inclusive, to say so publicly. He shares a parishioner's letter which could be adapted by any church member to persuade their church council to take action.

The United Kingdom has become a remarkably more tolerant and inclusive nation in matters of its citizens’ sexual orientation than we might have envisaged twenty years ago. A Tory government introduced changes in the marriage act to allow same sex marriage. The support of LGBTQ people and the fight against discrimination can be seen throughout the mainstream media, in employment legislation, in greater sensitivity in schools, at FA football grounds and other sporting venues...

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Masculine worship - an unworthy trend

Masculine worship - an unworthy trend

Historian, Robin Bunce, unveils how gender inequality flourishes in churches which embrace a theology of gender complementarianism

This summer, my 14-year-old daughter went to New Day, an annual Christian festival for young people which takes place in Norfolk. At the first session she took out a piece of paper and divided it in two. At the top of one column she wrote ‘Women’, at the top of the other she wrote ‘Men’. As a man took to the stage she put a mark in the ‘Men’ column.

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Creating a world beyond the beliefs that divide

Creating a world beyond the beliefs that divide

Gretta Vosper has been in the UK making a case that theistic language has become a stumbling block to the most important aim of Christianity.

Gretta Vosper led two weekend conferences in England this month, one in Leeds facilitated by PCN Britain and one in Birmingham, run by Carrs Lane Church.  Andy Vivian attended the Birmingham event and writes about some of the insights from the conference that have stuck with him.

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Honestly, face the facts

Honestly, face the facts

A respected survey of British adults has discovered that for the first time those calling themselves non-religious are in a majority. PCN chair, Adrian Alker, makes a plea for Christians to take an honest look at their faith and to engage with atheist opinion.

The latest British Social Attitudes survey (BSA) reports that the percentage of people who describe themselves as ‘not religious’ is at its highest since the survey began. In 2016, 53% of respondents said that they did not belong to any particular religion. Back in 1983 that figure was 31%.

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Resistance Bible Study

Resistance Bible Study

A US view on the need to reclaim bible study from conservative fundamentalists.

The alliance between the Republican right and the evangelical/fundamentalist church in America is often credited with getting Donald Trump get elected.    For many liberals in the US, Christianity has now become part of their nation's problem.  ​Jim Burklo is a progressive Christian author and academic.  He recently offered this set of readings to his students as a way to redress the balance and to show Christianity in a politically progressive light.

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Politicians and Religious Faith

Politicians and Religious Faith

PCN chair, Adrian Alker, challenges the idea that being a politician and a faithful Christian are incompatible.

The resignation of Tim Farron as leader of the Liberal Democratic party, citing the impossibility of reconciling his position with also being a ‘faithful Christian’, has set a number of hares running around this field of faith and political allegiance. What might members of the Progressive Christian Network make of this?

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Manchester attack

Manchester attack

What has Christianity to say to a grieving nation and families overwhelmed by grief? The chair of PCN Britain, Adrian Alker, offers this commentary.

The atrocious and heartbreaking attack at Manchester Arena has left us all shocked, saddened and, yes, angry, at the loss of so many young lives. Of course we read and see via the media similar outrages across the world. A few days after the tragic event in Manchester, a similar number of children – all Coptic Christians –were killed by Islamic extremists in Egypt, where the minority Christian population lives in fear.  But Manchester, a drive away, brings home the horror of such murderous ideology of Isis and associated terrorist groups.

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