A Blessing for a Meeting on Zoom

A Blessing for a Meeting on Zoom

The waving hand, our ecstatic benediction

In the place where eye contact is impossible

The silent lexicon of non-verbal cues extinct
May this not be the crowd without the wisdom
Despite our isolation, our social distance
May we give thanks for this awkward digital blessing
May we be admitted, May we not be muted
May our distorted sound and scrambled words
Finally align, May they catch up with our pixelated vision
May travelling this unfamiliar landscape
Neither lose us, nor completely exhaust us
And may our bandwidth always find room
For patience, gentleness and the peace
that bypasses misunderstanding
May every meeting open and close with a poem,
A joke or a steadying moment of silence
Some brief transfiguration in time, to remind us
Of who we were, before all this,
And who we may be again
May our agenda always be kindness,
The waving hand, our ecstatic benediction
And may there never be any other business,
For ever and ever. Amen

Martin Wroe
Sent in by Paul Haines, Come-to-Good Local Meeting (from
An Krenner Kernewek - The Cornish Friend)

Religious, but not Spiritual

Religious, but not Spiritual

The link between Autism and progressive Christianity

If I had to encapsulate my religious outlook in one sentence, I would invert the oft-cited phrase ‘spiritual, but not religious’ and instead say I am ‘religious, but not spiritual’. I have always had a deep-seated interest in religion, and I love the traditions, community and way of life which Christianity provides. Yet I have always struggled with the supernatural aspects of the faith; I could never grasp the concept of communicating with a God ‘up there’ while humans were ‘down here’. I bounced from church to church, all over the theological spectrum, hoping to finally achieve the ‘personal relationship with Jesus’ everyone else seemed to enjoy.

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The World Post Covid – Climate Change - Adrian Alker, PCN Chair

The World Post Covid – Climate Change - Adrian Alker, PCN Chair

Environmentalists around the world are warning that we cannot afford a carbon rebound

PCN members have been sharing their hopes for our world and our society after we have come through this current pandemic. I have already highlighted two issues which have been raised – the attraction of a universal basic income and the need to value much more the key workers in our country, be it in hospitals and care homes, our supermarket staff, office cleaners, refuse collectors and many others.

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Pride, prejudice, and the global pandemic

Pride, prejudice, and the global pandemic

The Gay Elders Video Series: A Conversation with Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker’s mission is to create islands of sanity in a sea of global chaos. This mission necessitates the development of a variety of emotional tools alongside commitment to spiritual transformation.

Through her multi-faceted outreach via webinars, podcasts, live workshops, books, and articles, as well as one-on-one life coaching, Carolyn is touching the lives of thousands to assist them in preparing for the dire consequences of the collapse of industrial civilization and abrupt climate change.
Carolyn and Andrew have co-authored three best-selling books, Return to Joy, Savage Grace, and Saving Animals from Ourselves.
Visit carolynbaker.net for more details.


Black Lives Matter and Progressive Christianity - Adrian Alker

Black Lives Matter and Progressive Christianity - Adrian Alker

‘progressive Christianity’ should be considered tautologous...how could a follower of Jesus Christ, not be considered to be progressive

The philosopher Julian Baggini, speaking at our PCN conference in 2019, suggested that the notion of ‘progressive Christianity’ should be considered tautologous. How could an advocate of Christianity, a follower of Jesus Christ, not be considered to be progressive, if by that term we mean the advancement of humankind be it in social, economic, health and welfare terms? It should be a no-brainer that Christians seek to work for a world in which each human being is as valued, loved, respected as every other. A world of equal opportunities, equal possibilities.

The reason why PCN exists is that the term ‘progressive Christianity’ should, yes, be tautologous but might at times seem more like an oxymoron, which is possibly the view of many philosophers, sceptics and many sections of society. For it is doubtlessly true that over the two thousand years of Christian history, much has been done and said by the Church which diminishes rather than advances the lives of human beings. As the life and teachings of the carpenter from Galilee became subsumed under the weight of the teachings of the established church, it became more questionable whether the church and its professed Christianity was a force for good or ill.

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PCN Newsletter 4th June 2020

PCN Newsletter 4th June 2020

In our eleventh newsletter Adrian gives news of our film project.

During this pandemic, especially during the time of lockdown, most of us will have watched on our TV’s or tablets more programmes, films, box sets than ever before. 98% of all households possess a television and in some homes there will be numerous i pads, lap tops and mobiles. When I was a boy in the 1950’s there was just one TV channel, in black and white, when Watch with Mother (!) meant settling down to Muffin the Mule or the Woodentops. Contrast that to today when my 5 year old grandson has two controls in his hand, one negotiating the Amazon firestick and the other scrolling through a myriad of catch-up children’s programmes.

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