Business plan for the CofE???

Business plan for the CofE???

In May of this year Martyn Percy, Dean of Christchurch, Oxford, as the "Thy Kingdom Come" prayer campaign got under way, challenged the Church of England's way of mission.

Looking back over the blogs on the PCN website I was struck again by the item of May this year by Martyn Percy, Dean of Christchurch, Oxford. Martyn’s focus at the time was a challenge to the whole “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer campaign getting under way. A campaign that had come to symbolise, for many of us, the wrongheaded attempt to rebrand the Church of England. The Church, I believe, is becoming more managerial in the worst possible way and aggressive PR is part of the package. As Martyn wrote ‘It is like a business doing even more hard selling, with increasing desperation, but unwilling to ask the consumers why they aren’t buying.’

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Change is all there is Evolutionary Theology

Change is all there is Evolutionary Theology

Very Revd Jonathan Draper, former Dean of Exeter, and General Secretary Modern Church, delivered this talk on 14 October 2018 to PCN at Exeter URC

this is a paper about theology, and is not a paper about the relationship between science and religion, and most certainly not a paper about evolution verses creationism or even so-called ‘intelligent design’; neither of those are questions I think are really worth asking.

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Transatlantic voices: two nations divided by a common language? maybe not ................

Transatlantic voices: two nations divided by a common language? maybe not ................

Progressive voices from the USA worth hearing -

This website will carry news from across the water in order to give some insight into currents of thought in the progressive Christianity in North America. There is a ferment of ideas which can only be beneficial to us over here as well as to the folk over there. Those progressive voices are across Reformed and Catholic faith groups. .