Reactions from the conference floor 2

Reactions from the conference floor 2

The Canadian minister and theologian, Gretta Vosper, came to the UK in September 2014 at the invitation of PCN Britain and the Sea of Faith Network. She was accompanied by her husband, hymn writer, Scott Kearns. Her church, West Hill United Church in Toronto, has dropped reference to God from its hymns and liturgy. The world they celebrate is the natural world; the values they make sacred are human values. How did this go down with PCN members? Andy Vivian has been getting some reactions and giving his own.

John McKechnie is a PCN member from Edinburgh. He has visited Gretta Vosper’s church at West Hill in Toronto, but wasn’t able to attend her UK conferences. After the Oxford conference he wrote to ask me for feedback on the event. This is what I wrote to him

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Reactions from the conference floor 1

Reactions from the conference floor 1

Gretta Vosper, the Canadian minister and writer, presented two conferences in the UK during September 2014. She argued for the side-lining of belief in God from its central role in church life and, with her song writer husband Scott Kearns, showed what a non-theist liturgy could be like. Norman Pope was one of those in the audience at Oxford over the weekend of 26th - 28th September. He writes:

Gretta Vosper, who is pastor of West Hill United Church in Toronto, spoke with great clarity and verve. She described how, during her first period of theological training, she very greatly enjoyed the exploration of progressive (left-hemisphere) Christian scholarship. But not yet ready to be a minister she spent ten varied and sometimes very difficult years experiencing life’s vicissitudes.

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