The theology of Gretta Vosper

The theology of Gretta Vosper

There is a common aim among progressive Christians to be followers of Jesus. But our understanding of divinity is a source of lively debate with a whole spectrum of beliefs and agnosticisms. Gretta Vosper has opened up a new strand in this debate. Michael Wright likes what she has to say.

Gretta Vosper, a Minister in the United Church of Canada, and Chair of the Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity, is a fresh voice in modern theology. She is blowing a blast of fresh air through hallowed portals. This is the essence of her view expressed in her first book: “With or Without God – why the way we live is more important than what we believe.”

Out of the multitude of understandings of religion, spirituality and faith; out of the varying views of the origins, nature and purpose of life; out of the countless individual experiences of what might be called divine; out of it all may be distilled a core that, very simply put, is love.

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Military Might

Military Might

Andrew Parker makes a case for the rejection of military might, taking his evidence from the Hebrew Bible.

The Bible is all over the place when it comes to the justification, or otherwise, of military might. This makes it easy for preachers to ‘find’ that it supports their personal views (whatever these are) if they carefully select their texts and employ ingenious hermeneutics. The net result is that those who still have the vestiges of an ‘open mind’ are left with the feeling that the whole thing’s an impossible mess. Is there any hope of rectifying this lamentable state of affairs by approaching the biblical texts somehow differently?

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