Not what I came for…but

Not what I came for…but

The 2012 PCN Britain annual residential weekend took place at the Hayes, Swanwick at the beginning of May. A small photo gallery of this event is available in the Resources section under Photos

​This gathering proved to be an amazing transforming experience in so many ways. Perhaps it was not what the participants were expecting. When PCN groups gather around the country the discussions are mainly cerebral. As one participant put it after the first session on the first evening, ‘This is not what I came for. I expected to have deep theological ideas poured into my head.’ Afterwards she wrote, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and have come home inspired and refreshed….’

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Review of Dying to Live by John Churcher

Review of Dying to Live by John Churcher

Michael Wright reviews ‘Dying to Live: Lessons from Mark’ by John Churcher which is available from the PCN Britain Shop.

​Being familiar with the gospels can lead us into thinking that we know Jesus and his teaching very well. Then when you read a book by a writer who has steeped himself in the text, and the context in which the author was writing, new perspectives dawn.

John Churcher is such a writer. He brings to the surface all sorts of nuggets of information, analysis, many of which I have not seen before. Dying to Live draws lessons from Mark’s gospel. It is a successor to his work on lessons from Luke’s gospel in Setting Jesus Free. His style is easy to read for the non-specialist. It is a very valuable aid to those who have to teach and preach. It will bring some of us up short with the challenge and the insight he offers…

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