A very muddy Greenbelt

A very muddy Greenbelt

PCN Administrator, Andy Vivian, remembers PCN's visit to the 2012 Greenbelt festival

​This was surely one of the muddiest Greenbelts on record. The rain fell in torrents on Saturday afternoon. Run-off flooded the marquees and the lush grass of Cheltenham Racecourse was soon mashed by the passage of feet into a mud bath. Six-year old mud larks found delight in testing for the areas of deepest ooze. Shod in bright wellies they were human lighthouses warning us more sober folk of the areas we needed most to avoid.

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Lessons for the Church from the Olympics

Lessons for the Church from the Olympics

Richard Tetlow, a PCN trustee and ardent sports spectator, reflects on a spiritual experience.

​The experience was on a national scale: the Olympics, both ‘warm-up’ and Paralympics, were experienced by many as ‘amazing, fantastic, unbelievable’. Competitors and crowd alike constantly described their experiences like this. Those were the ‘in’ words. Challenges went out to the sporting world especially that of football to take note. What could we all learn, the Church too?

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