Tribute to John Hick

This letter by Martin Camroux was written for colleagues from our sister organisation Free to Believe.  We are grateful to Martin for allowing PCN to reproduce it here.

​It is with real sadness that I need to pass on to you the news of the death of John Hick. John was of the most influential philosophers of religion in the English speaking world and arguably the most significant English theologian of the last 50 years, certainly in the Reformed Tradition. He trained for the Presbyterian ministry at Westminster College where he became part of a great tradition of Presbyterian scholarship going back to John Oman and H. H. Farmer. He was a classic liberal who will be remembered, among other things, for his openness towards other religious faiths, his continuation to the problem of evil and his splendid book on Jesus “The metaphor of God Incarnate”. I often find myself Quoting John’s statement on the relation of Jesus to God:

“The heavenly father was utterly real to him – as real as the men and women with whom he interacted every day or the Galilean hills among which he lived. God was evidently so real to Jesus that in his presence the heavenly father became real to many of his hearers”.

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Reflections on John Hick

Reflections on John Hick

This article is written by Matt Hicks, a regular contributor to the PCN forum.

​For many people who tread a humanist path, there is often a history of a traumatic and initially disenfranchising break from the religion of their upbringing. For many others, and myself there is one man who either eased the break somewhat or gave their faith a stay of execution. So it is with sadness and fondness that I reflect on the influence of John Hick who passed away yesterday.

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