An Unequal Society - What Must Christians Do?An Unequal Society - What Must Christians Do?

The sequence of slides used by Prof Richard Harris in his presentation to the PCN Conference in Lddes, March 2016

The conference featured a screening of the film, The Divide, a documentary which was ‚Äčinspired by the book, The Spirit Level, by Wilkinson and Pickett.  As part of his introduction, Prof Richard Harris, gave the delegates a synopsis of the statistics relating to the wealth gap in Britain and the number of other countries.  After the film, he challenged us to discuss what we felt should be our priorities as Christians in the light of what we had seen and heard.  The slide sequence includes the questions he asked us to consider.  Among the slides you will see a number of book covers showing titles worth reading in connection with the subject.  In particular Prof Harris recommended one book, Why We Can't Afford the Rich, by Andrew Sayer.

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