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Church Welcome Prayer Poster Church Welcome Prayer Poster

based on a prayer by Bishop Thomas Ken, 1637 – 1711, to be found at St Stephen’s Walbrook, London

O Come, Light’s Dawning

​This version of the well known Advent hymn, O Come, O Come, Emanuel, was penned by Gretta Vosper, and forms part of 'Sing it Forward', a book…

Developing Progressive Liturgies Developing Progressive Liturgies

PCN Chair, Angela Smith, gave this talk to the 2013 retreat on progressive worship held at Glenfall House, Cheltenham.

What is worship? What is worship?

A sermon by Rev'd Sandra Griffiths, who organised the PCN 2013 retreat about progressive worship.

Alternative Committal

This committal was composed by Alan Litton at the request of a family who wished to recognise something of an eternal dimension for their agnostic…

An Emmaus Communion Meal

This liturgy from Betty Saunders lays stress on the Kingdom gospel of Jesus and puts less emphasis on Jesus as sacrificial saviour.  It…

Prayers intended for Eucharist

The power of this set of prayers for Eucharist comes from the freshness of its vocabulary and the way it expresses a oneness of the whole universe. …

Welcome Doubt! Refine our thinking

This hymn, one of many from the pen of David Stevenson, welcomes doubt, makes no exclusive claim for truth, and views science as a friend. Copyright…

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